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At June 6, in the day of foundation GRiD Team, our team will make a championship. The competition will be in the discipline of Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, the car for a tournament is Mercedes-Benz LS65 AMG Black Series.

Take part in the tournament everyone can. The winner will receive a prize! 

A system of the competition is Double Elimination. Participants will race 1 by 1 till two defeats. The winner goes to the next stage, the loser moves to the bottom grid and still can get to the final.

The Car: 

Mercedes-Benz SL 65 Black Series.

Game mode:



  1. Sun, Sand and Supercars 
  2. Coast to Coast
  3. Raizor's Edge
  4. Roadsters Reborn
  5. Summit Assault

Each rider strikes out one track before the start. The race continues until two victories.

Date and time:

Start of the tournament on Saturday June 6 at 09:00 am (UTC+0). Hour delay is equal to disqualification.

Rules and information:

  1. It is forbidden to use any hacks, cheats and other mods.
  2. For unsportsmanlike behavior the participant will get a fine.
  3. The organizer reserves the right to refuse in participation, without giving any reason.
  4. Organizer can change some of the conditions of competition, before the competition. Follow the news.
  5. To participate in the tournament leave your nickname in the game and contacts, how to contact you.
  6. The grid will be formed within 3 hours before the event.
  7. Receiving applications terminated in 3 hours before the event.

The winner will receive a Need for Speed Most Wanted 2012 or DLC to it if the game is already available.

Organisators: GRiDxEclipse, GRiD_SHARK, GRiD_Rave

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